Adjustable Dog Leash Tiergarten Nubuck Leather 200 cm Green – Cloud7

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Cloud7’s adjustable dog leash Tiergarten is made of finest double-sided nubuck. The green leash is soft and comfortable for you to grasp and it adjusts to four different lengths. The brass details together with the nubuck leather give the leash a stylish look.

Why Denjo Loves It

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Four adjustable lenghts
  • Stylish nubuck in combination with brass buckles

Size Guide

SIZE Length (Full) Length (Short) Width
S 200 cm 110 cm 1,5 cm
L 200 cm  110 cm 2,0 cm

S – Recommended for dogs with weight 5-16 kg
L – Recommended for dogs with weight 16- 35 kg

MATERIAL Genuine nubuck leather
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Brush off dirt. Wash out tougher stains with water and some soap. Let the leash dry and again lightly brush with a nubuck brush. In order to avoid any possible discoloration, don’t expose dyed nubuck leather to excessive moisture
OTHER INFORMATION To protect your and your dog’s skin the leather is not colored with high toxic chrome. This means the leash can loose some color if it gets warm or wet. This is nothing dangerous. To prevent this you can use regular waterproofing spray.