Dog Collar Tiergarten Nubuck Leather Peach – Cloud7

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Cloud7’s dog collar Tiergarten is made of finest double-sided nubuck. The peachy collar is soft and comfortable for your dog while the nubuck in combination with the brass hardware makes it a stylish detail for both you and your dog.

Why Denjo Loves It

  • Soft and comfortable collar
  • Stylish nubuck in combination with brass buckles
  • Develops a beautiful, darker patina over time. Only non-chrome colors are used

Size Guide

SIZE Neck Circumference Width
XS 22 – 27 cm 1,5 cm
S 26 – 32 cm 1,5 cm
M 32 – 38 cm 2,0 cm
L 37 – 45 cm 2,5 cm
XL 43 – 51 cm 3,0 cm

MATERIAL Nubuck leather
HARDWARE 100% solid brass
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Brush off dirt. Regular greasing is recommended for longer durability. The nubuck leather will get darker over time. To protect your dog’s skin, the nubuck leather is not tanned with toxic chromium. This means that the leash and necklace can release some color if it gets wet. Thus, do not expose the dyed nubuck leather to excessive moisture in order to avoid any discoloration. To prevent discoloration you can use regular impregnation spray against water and moisture. Just like you treat a pair of suede shoes.