Mörkbrun hundsele i läder och flätade detaljer
En hund av rasen basset bär en mörkbrun hundsele av läder med flätade detaljer
Hund i mörkbrun hundsele av läder
Mörkbrun hundsele med flätade detaljer och silvriga spännen
Hundsele i mörkbrunt läder

Dog Harness Leather Central Park Saddle Brown – Cloud7

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The leather dog harness Central Park from Cloud7 features fine braided details and stainless steel buckles. The dark brown leather is at once soft and robust and will develop a natural patina over time. The leather tends to soften even more and stretch out slightly over time. A beautiful Denjo favorite!

Why Denjo Loves It

  • Comfortable and functional 
  • Classic timeless design that put a grace on any outfit
  • Soft high quality leather that looks better over time

Size Guide

Below you find a size guide based on your dog’s chest measurements and weight. If you don’t know which size you shall choose, please contact us at  info@denjodogs.com

SIZE Chest circumference Length front leather strap
XS 43 – 51 cm 36,5 cm
S 49 – 57 cm 40,5 cm
M 55 – 63 cm 46,5 cm
L 61 – 71 cm 50,5 cm
XL 69 – 80 cm 56,0 cm

General guidelines for sizes
XS – Recommended for dogs with approx. weight  3- 6 kg
S – Recommended for dogs with approx. weight  6- 12 kg
M – Recommended for dogs with approx. weight  12- 20 kg
L – Recommended for dogs with approx. weight  18- 28 kg
XL – Recommended for dogs with approx. weight  26- 36 kg

MATERIAL Genuine cowhide leather
METAL DETAILS Stainless steel
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Regular greasing helps keep the leather soft and supple