Hundgodis med insektsprotein

Dog Treats Mindfulness Insect, Chia Seeds & Bananas 100g – Eat Small


Mindfulness is cold pressed, insect based treats from Eat Small who are world leading within insect based dog food and dog treats. The treats are based on the insect black soldier fly and contains chia seeds and bananas which makes it rich in magnesium and omega 3. The treats are grain free, gluten free and made from 100% natural ingredients, i.e. no additives or preservatives. Rich in protein, iron, calcium and B12 vitamin.

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Why Denjo Loves It

  • Perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs
  • A more sustainable choice
  • Suits both small and large dogs (can easily be cut into smaller pieces)

COMPOSITION Potatoes, insects 26.5% (Hermetia illucens larvae 25% and oil 1.5%), vegetable glycerin, brewer‘s
yeast, banana 4%, chia 1%.
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein 21,7%, crude fat 5,4%, crude fiber 4%, crude ash 3,8%, moisture 17,3%.
USE Food supplement for dogs of all ages
SIZE Each bite is 1,7 cm in diameter and can easily be broken into small pieces
PRODUCTION METHOD Cold press. The cold press process keeps 100% of the nutritional qualities and flavors of the natural and healthy ingredients in Energy treats