Dog Treats Veggie 60g- Lila Loves It


Lila Loves It Veggie treats consists of small goodies made from vegetarian ingredients such as carrots, potatoes and fresh courgette. The goodies are grain free and contains superfoods such as buckwheat and spirulina. The veggie treats are packed in a metal box with lid. It can easily be brought on a dog walk and ensures that the treats do not crumble or give stains in pockets.

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Why Denjo Loves It

  • Contains superfoods such as buckwheat and spirulina
  • Healthy, vegetarian and grain free ingredients
  • Smart box

Complementary food for dogs. Grain-free.
Ingredients: 30% buckwheat (grains, flour), 20% carrots (dried), 20% potato flakes, pumpkin seed flour, potato flour, 6% fresh courgette, 4% fresh spinach, 1% hard cheese, vegetable stock, spirulina
Please store cool and dry.
Net weight 60 gram.
Made in Germany.

Energy per 100 gram
Crude protein 13.0%
Crude fat 4%
Crude ash 5%
Crude fiber 5%