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5 October, 2023

5 Common Dog Sleeping Positions – And Their Meanings

Just like us humans, dogs sleep in different positions. Sometimes they sleep on the side, on the belly, curled up like a “bun”, and sometimes on their back. Does all of these positions have a meaning? Yes! Read on to learn about five common dog sleeping positions and their meanings!

When a dog sleeps in “the bun” position all vital organs are hidden and protected while the dog is sleeping, so this is an instinct-based sleeping position. Dogs sleep lite this simply to protect them selves while sleeping (a sleeping position you also can see among wild dogs and wolves). This is also a favourite position for dogs when they feel cold, or when they still are getting used to a new environment.

Dog beds ideal for “the bun”-position:

Dog Bed Teddy Lounge – A comfortable, sleeping area perfect for dogs who easily gets cold. The bed has one side with warm and cozy teddy fabric.

Dog Bed Classic Nest – Provides your dog with a comfortable, safe sleeping spot with soft side bolsters. A perfect hidaway place for snuggles and sleep.

This sleeping position is one of the most common dog sleeping positions. When dogs sleeps on their side, it means they feel safe and relaxed in their environment. They’re also pleased with the temperature. In this position dogs tend to get into deep sleep.

Dog beds ideal for The Side Snoozer:

Dog Bed Donut Classic – A round dog bed with fluffy mattress. The round shape are very allowing and lets your dog strech out properly. Perfect choice for “the side snoozer”.

Travel Blanket Snuggle – A cozy yet sturdy blanket, that stays in place wherever you put it.


When dogs “sploot” the belly is pressed to the floor, back legs streched out behind them, and front legs pointing forward. This position is popular among young dogs, puppies and playful pooches, and it means your dog is tired but still ready to play.

Dog beds ideal for “the sploot”-position:

Dog Bed Donut Icon – a round dog bed with a soft, fluffy mattres for superb comfort.

A position where head and neck are resting on the side of a dog bed or couch cushion to keep an eye on what the rest of the family is doing, while snoozing a bit.

Dog beds ideal for “the watcher”-position:

Dog Bed Classic Nest – a rectangular dog bed with soft edges that provides neck and head support.


Back against the floor or dog bed, belly and paws up in the air! When dogs sleep on their back like this it can mean they are trying to keep cool, or they feel very secure and trust you and their environment.

Dog beds ideal for “the back sleeper”: 

Dog Bed Classic Nest

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