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Welcome to Denjo.
Dog products for the caring home.
Where dogs are family.

Welcome to Denjo

Dog products for the caring home,

where dogs are family.

Dog products for the caring home.
Where dogs are family.



About DOGGY-DO-BAG FELT WITH SNAPHOOK BY CLOUD7: Love this little doggy-do-bag! Small, functional and durable!

Tina Käll
Denjo customer November 2017

Super fast service and great customer care!

Emely Crona
Denjo customer November 2017

Denjo news

  • Having a dog affects your life in so many ways. You most likely have noticed a positive energy injection when hanging out with your dog. However, there are more perks of having a furry kid in your family.  Swedish brain researcher Katarina Gospic shared some insights on this in a recent interview. The proved positive effects of dogs are so strong Katarina says they are like "Miracle Medicine" We've summarized some of the "Dog Medicine Effects" below. Dogs strengthen your immune system and prevent allergies Due to the fact that dogs aren't 100% clean and

  • Sometimes you wonder if things do happen for a reason. Like when Amanda was dog walking two pups from work and met with Athanasia and her adopted dog. Amanda and her partner Jonathan did not plan to buy a dog, but Athanasia and her story about the homeless dogs in Greece made such a strong impression on Amanda that the plans would soon change. Just a few months later came the Greek rescue dog Buster to Sweden and became her and Jonathan's new beloved family member. Read the fantastic love