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16 January, 2024

Maximize comfort and safety with an adjustable leash

Choosing the right equipment for your four-legged friend is essential for their well-being and your own comfort. When it comes to walking and training, an adjustable dog leash is a must-have according to the Denjo team. An adjustable dog leash has hooks at each end to be able to adapt to different situations. Here we list some advantages of using an adjustable leash, also called a multi leash.

1. Adjustable length for varying situations

An adjustable leash gives you flexibility in different situations. Whether you’re walking on a narrow sidewalk, exploring the park, or practicing obedience commands, you can easily adjust the length of the leash to adapt to the situation. This makes it easier to handle your dog and gives it the opportunity to explore its surroundings in a safe way. You can easily adjust the leash by attaching one of the hooks to one of the rings located along the leash. This feature with two hooks is also perfect for restaurant visits or other situations where your four-legged friend has to sit and wait for you. Then you can easily fasten the leash around a table/post using the hooks. Easier and safer than simply tying a knot.

2. Better control and safety

By being able to adjust the length of the leash, you can keep your dog closer when needed, which is especially important in areas with high traffic or other potential hazards. On the other hand, you can give your dog more freedom to explore when you are in places where it is safe to do so, such as during a forest walk. At the same time, the dog is not too far from you or can spin around something that can otherwise easily happen at e.g. use of flexi leashes. An adjustable leash gives both you and your dog an increased sense of safety during your adventures.

3. Hands-free for optimal comfort and convenience

Often you need an extra pair of hands when you are out walking your dog. Sometimes there are parcels to be carried home. Other days it’s grocery bags and sometimes it’s holding two small children’ hands. By attaching the adjustable leash crossbody or around the waist, you easily have both hands free while keeping your dog close to you and thus, you do not risk losing control.

4. One leash for two dogs

Do you have two dogs? In such case, you can easily use only one leash by choosing an adjustable leash with a hook at each end. The adjustable leash is designed to form a loop if you choose to attach each hook to a dog collar. The leash then becomes a shorter city leash with just one handle to keep both dogs in control.

5. Style and quality

In addition to the practical benefits, Denjo Dog’s adjustable leash is also stylish and made of high quality. You can choose from different colors and materials to match your own style and needs. All adjustable leads are made in Italy.

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