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20 January, 2024

Denjo’s 7 best tips for the winter season!

Winter is here, which means a beautiful snowy landscape but also cooler temperatures and winds. It’s a cozy time that also requires a little extra care and attention when you have a dog. Here we share our 7 best tips for the snowy season!

1. Be aware of the temperature

Just as we humans can freeze, dogs also feel cold. Keep an eye on the temperature and if it seems like your dog is cold or feel discomfort in its paws. Some breeds are more sensitive to cold than others, so it is important to adjust outdoor activities and the length of walks based on your dog. Invest in a warm and functional coat if you have a dog with less fur or a dog that tend to get cold easily.

We recommend coats with wool filling for winter days. It naturally make your dog warm even on the coldest days. We also think it’s important to have a coat that protects the neck as well as the largest muscle group – thighs. If your dog has a coat that ends a couple of cm before the end of the back, it does not warm and protect it nearly as well and your dog will begin to freeze more quickly.

2. Protect and care for the paws

Icy pavements, snow and freezing temperatures as well as road salt can cause great stress on your dog’s paws. Rinse or dry the paws after walking to avoid irritation or moisture that risks fungus or eczema. Also use paw care or protective socks for extra comfort and to prevent dry and harmed paws.

3. Get active indoors

When it’s really cold outside, those long walks can turn into short pee breaks, but our dogs still need regular exercise and stimulation. Create fun indoor activities such as fetching games or obedience training to keep your dog active and satisfied. A new toy or chewing stick can also be a great way to get your dog active indoors.

4. Use clothes or accessories with reflective elements

The winter darkness can make it difficult for others to see you and your dog during walks, increasing the risk of accidents. A good idea is to buy reflective products for both you and your dog. Our favorite way of doing this is to invest in a coat with integrated reflective elements. All Denjo’s jackets have reflective piping around the neck as well as along the back. Some models also have a reflective logo.

5. Enjoy extra cozy time together

When darkness falls early, temperatures are cold and the wind bites, it’s a perfect time to get some extra time together indoors. Does your dog like getting a massage? Or just lie and cuddle next to you? Give your dog some extra love and a comfortable place to rest and relax indoors. A soft and cozy bed or blanket will be especially appreciated during the winter months.

6. On the excursion – remember to bring a blanket

When you are on a long walk or excursion in the forest and stop for a coffee, remember to bring a light-weight sleeping mat for the dog as well. When the dog becomes stationary, it becomes cold and some of the cold comes from the ground. Bringing a sleeping mat that the dog can sit/lie on when you stop means that the dog can better keep warm in both its body and paws. If your dog does not like to lie or sit on a slippery surface, you can bring a soft travel blanket to put on top of the mat.

7. Trim the fur around the paws

To avoid snowballs stuck in the fur around the paws on days when there is lots of snow, we recommend being extra careful with cutting the fur around the paws and between the pads for dogs with longer fur. This will also make it easier to keep the paws clean and dry.

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