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29 June, 2021

Dogs – “Like Miracle Medicine”

Having a dog affects your life in so many ways. You most likely have noticed a positive energy injection when hanging out with your dog. However, there are more perks of having a furry kid in your family.

Swedish neuroscientist Katarina Gospic shared some insights on this in a recent interview. The proved positive effects of dogs are so strong Katarina says they are like “Miracle Medicine”. We’ve summarized some of the “Dog Medicine Effects” below.

  1. Dogs strengthen your immune system and prevent allergies

Due to the fact that dogs aren’t 100% clean and free from bacteria, interaction with dogs give a constant, low stimulation to our immune systems instead of having high stimulation now and then. This prevents allergies. Even kids up to six months being exposed to dogs have according to research a lower risk of developing allergies.

2. Dogs improve your energy and performance at work

Having your dog at work makes you go out for short breaks with fresh air and walks. You get back with more energy and can perform better. The presence of a dog at work is also proven to reduce stress.

3. Dogs can reduce or/and discover cancer

The presence of a dog can prevent lymfom and it’s been found that some dogs can smell cancer. When a person gets cancer the smell changes and thus, dogs react. This means cancer can be discovered in an earlier stage. 

4. Dogs improve your physical health

Having a dog means you’ll take walks more often. Thus, it’s proven dog owners more often reach the daily recommendations of exercise than people without a dog. 

5. Dogs improve our social interaction and can prevent/cure mental illness

When you’re out with your dog people tend to smile at you even though you haven’t done or said anything. More people starts talking to you too. Thus, these social contacts can cure/prevent mental illness.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.