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26 November, 2021

How to take care of your dog’s leather collar, harness and lead

En svart och vit hund bär ett läderhalsband i cognacsfärgat läder med mässingsspännen.

As a dog parent you use your dog’s walk accessories for approximately 4-5 times a day, every day, all year around. Sometimes more often than you use your favourite pair of leather shoes, handbag or leather jacket. So why shouldn’t you take care of your dog’s leather walking gear as you take care of the rest of your leather goods? Here we share some simple rules to follow of how to take care of your dog’s leather collar, harness and lead.

Leather is a durable material with ability to last for many many years, if you take care of it properly and give it some love now and then. As it is a natural material it needs to be taken care of to maintain its softness, durability and stability.

Looking after your leather walking gear starts with day-to-day care. By following these simple rules you extend the life of your leather goods, you keep it soft, durable and safe:

  1. Remove dirt with a soft cloth or brush
  2. Avoid water if possible (water will dry out the leather)
  3. Wet leather requires extra care, let dry in room temperature before next use
  4. To maintain the softness and durability of the leather, use a leather balm now and then
  5. Also, for your dog’s safety (wether it’s leather or not) take time each day to have an extra look at your dog’s walking gear to make sure it works properly and does not have any damaged spots

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