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15 March, 2019

Meet Petra Jungebluth – Founder Of Cloud7

When did you start Cloud7 and why?
The initial idea to launch a brand for dog accessories first came up when my Labrador puppy Johan moved in. That was in 2011 and I was still living in Amsterdam working in fashion design. When I was doing some research to buy some essential products for my dog, I was quite horrified about the designs and qualities of what was offered on the market. So, I just sat down and designed my own stuff for Johan and when moving back to Germany I asked myself, why not starting ma own label.

What are the core values of Cloud7?
Minimal design, maximum quality, sustainability and fair trade.

Where do you find your design inspiration?
Mostly by living with my dogs, we now have three buddies at home and four more at the office – and of course all the other daily cultural inspirations that are surrounding us in fashion, interior, arts, etc.

How has Cloud7 developed over the years?
What has initially started very much as a fun project has turned into a nice little global brand, with ten people coming to the office every day and with a large number of retail partners across the globe.

What are your most proud moments during these years?
It has been very fulfilling to see that the initial idea of minimal design and upscale, high-quality products for the dog turned out to make sense to many other likeminded people and to have established a brand that has rather fans than to have consumers.

What’s your favourite Cloud7 products?
At the moment it is our brand-new Dog Pouf Yeti and also our range of dog coats, which almost took us two years of development to get the perfect fit and to find a match for all the different dog breeds from Chihuahua to Ridgeback.

What’s your view on sustainability?
This is a very important part of the brand. All our textile productions are in a radius of 300 km. And we are always pushing for solutions to reduce our waste. Also, all our main fabrics are coming from organic farming or are having a recycling history.

What’s your big dream for Cloud7?
We are already strongly involved in dog charity projects and a major vision for our brand is to make this a lot wider and more sustainable part of our brand’s identity with special projects to raise a relevant amount to address directly to as many lost souls out there that are in desperatly need.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.