Poop Bags Compostable Biodegradable – With Handles


Biodegradable dog waste bags from the Sustainable people. The poop bags are 23 cm x 35 cm large and the extra handles allows for easy handling. Each roll contains 14 bags and each full bag contains 8 rolls (=112 bags).

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  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to “open”
  • Lightweight and thin bags, yet thick enough for convenient poop handling

Biodegradable dog waste bags manufactured with 30% renewable raw materials from the Sustainable people. The packaging is free from plastic. The dog waste bags are tearproof and humidity-resistant and dog owners also enjoy the dull, lackluster surface which gives the bags a pleasant feel.

The poop bags offer a particularly secure and less direct feeling due to their thick design (18 micrometer). The 23 cm x 35 cm large dog waste bag provides adequate space for the hand and the extra-large design allows easy handling.

The small rolls, ideal for pockets and most of the clips, are held together by a sticker made of cardboard  is also biodegradable. The core of the roll is also made of cardboard and can be composted.

It’s important that the dog waste bags decompose in a natural environment. Only then can it be ensured that the plastic waste problem caused by poop bags is being reduced.

MATERIAL Biodegradable dog waste bags manufactured with 30% renewable raw materials. The home-compostable dog waste bags are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and plasticizers.
SIZE 23x 35 cm
VOLUME PER ROLL 14 bags per roll
VOLUME PER BOX 8 rolls per cardboard box = 112 bags per full box