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Second Paw

Shop and sell pre-loved Denjo products!

Second Paw – shop and sell pre-loved Denjo products in our store in Stockholm

Maybe you have an old collar that no longer fit your pup? Or a dog jacket your four-legged friend no longer use? Now you can shop and sell pre-loved Denjo products in our store at Vulcanusgatan 1 in Stockholm!

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thurs 10.00-17.00
ADDRESS: Vulcanusgatan 1, 113 21 Stockholm


Why Second Paw?

We want our products to enrich the life of dogs and their families as long as possible. By helping our customers to shop and sell pre-loved Denjo products, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable dog life.

We simply do it for the dogs, people and the planet.

Sell pre-loved Denjo products


1. Visit our store and drop off the Denjo products you want to sell (together with you we’ll discuss recommended price for each item)

2. Your items will then be available for purchase in our Second Paw-corner in our store

4. When your items are sold we’ll contact you via e-mail or phone

5. Choose how you want your payment:
Alternative 1. Gift card to use on (full payment)
Alternative 2. Payment directly to your bank account (with this option we charge a fee of 10% of sales)


Shop pre-loved Denjo products

– Shop directly in store
– Payment methods: Card or Swish
– Please note 30 days return policy and free exchange is not valid for Second Paw items
– We’re not able to ship Second Paw items


My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.