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Want to create a cozy and comfortable place at the office for your four-legged co-worker? Get inspired by office dogs Betty and Bråke below!

At The Office with Betty och Bråke

We visited the swedish designer Caroline Sandström and PR-talent Mira Fröling and their dogs Betty och Bråke at their office in Stockholm, with a mission to help them create a comfortable and cosy place at the office for the four-legged co-workers.

Do you want to create a cosy office spot for your four-legged friend as well? Get inspired by office dogs Betty and Bråke and discover their office favourites below!

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How to create a comfortable and cosy sleeping area for your dog at the office

  • Find a location for your dog’s bed or blanket, against a wall or in a corner is usually a nice location (if you have a small dog and you have enough room you can place the dog bed under your desk)
  • If needed, clean up the area
  • For the dog who enjoy a framed and cosy place to sleep and rest, choose a dog bed with soft edges (also the soft edges makes a great pillow for your dog to rest its head upon)
  • A soft dog blanket which stays in place and is easy to fold is perfect for the office as well as “on-the-go” (i.e when your dog comes with you for lunch or meetings etc)
  • A dog blanket is perfect for the dog who prefers a cool and steady yet comfortable sleeping spot
  • Don’t forget the dog toy, to play with during breaks!


How to create a peaceful and pleasant dining area for your dog at the office

  • Choose heavy bowls and they will stay in place while your dog is eating and drinking (our ceramic dog bowl or dog bowls from Mateus x Denjo is perfect for the office)
  • Place the bowls in a spot where your dog easily can find them
  • Choose dog bowls that are easy to clean, and you’ll get more time for other things than doing the dishes (all dog bowls in our assortment is dishwasher safe)
  • Some yummy dog treats and dental sticks at the office is a must!

Discover more office favourites below!

TILL Office Favourites

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.