Organic Swedish Dog Treats Wild Deer – Raw for Paw


Raw for Paw Wild Roe Deer dog treats are freeze dried treats made from Swedish wild deer meat. The treats are produced by hand in Sweden and come in a lovely packaging including 38 gram (~2.5 dl) of 1 cm roe deer treat cubes.

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Why Denjo Loves It

  • Locally produced Swedish organic treats without additives i.e. 100% meat from Swedish wild deer
  • Dogs love them!
  • Suits both small and large dogs (can easily be cut into smaller pieces)

INGREDIENTS/COMPOSITION Handcrafted dog treats with meat and animal by-products (wild deer). No additives. The food is inspected and approved by Swedish Board of Agriculture.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Complementary food for your dog.
STORAGE Store in room temperature.
NET WEIGHT 38 gram
ANALYSIS (per 100 gram)
Protein 65%
Fett 29%
Vatten 3%
Aska 3%