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20 June, 2022

20 dog friendly summer activities to do with your four-legged bestie

No summer plans? Get inspired by the list below where we list twenty dog friendly summer activities to do with your four-legged bestie! 

  1. Go for a forest walk
  2. Go for a swim in the lake or sea together
  3. Make home made dog treats for your dog
  4. Visit a dog friendly restaurant
  5. Try nosework
  6. Make a home made dog puzzle
  7. Visit a dog friendly cafe together
  8. Hang out with a dog friend
  9. Try agility
  10. Make home made dog ice cream
  11. Teach your dog a new dog trick
  12. Try dog parkour
  13. Go on a boat trip together
  14. Have a spa day for your dog (discover our dog care products here)
  15. Go on a hiking trip together
  16. Create a cosy and comfy sleeping area for your dog at home, with a dog bed, cosy blanket and a soft plush toy
  17. Rent a SUP board and go SUP boarding together
  18. Discover your home town and discover dog friendly places where you live
  19. Have a pic nic
  20. Rainy day? Watch a dog movie together!

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