21 September, 2022

4 Ways How To Use Your Multi Leash

Heard of or seen a Multi Leash, but not sure of how it works and when to use it? Read more and we’ll give you the answers!


A multi leash is a leash that has hooks on both ends. One hook to attach onto your dog’s collar or harness, and the other hook to attach onto one of the metal rings along the leash. That way you can adjust your multi leash into different lengths (short or long), and also wear it around your waist or crossbody.

4 OCCASIONS WHEN THE MULTI LEASH WILL BE YOUR (2ND) BEST FRIEND (your dog will always be no1 ofc 🐶)

🏙 On city walks where you might want to keep your four-legged friend close, you can adjust the multi leash to a short length

🌲On forest walks or at places where you want to give your four-legged friend more space to explore and sniff its surroundings, you can adjust the leash to full length

🐕 When you want to have your hands free, wear it crossbody. Perfect if you carry groceries or bags, or push a baby stroller

☕️ At the restaurant or cafe, wear the leash around your waist to have your hands free (and still keep your dog on a leash)

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